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22.11.2017 filed under Project

EWS Alert Published for IADB Project in Honduras

An Early Warning System alert has been published for a project under consideration by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Honduras. The project would support the Honduras in implementing a controversial law creating special Employment and Economic Zones (or “ZEDE”s). These zones dismantle local democratic governance structures and will have widespread negative impacts on Honduras’ most vulnerable citizens. Read more


11.09.2017 filed under Project

EWS alert published for Lukoil Shah Deniz II

An Early Warning System Alert has been published with Crude Accountability for the Lukoil Shah Deniz Stage II project, co-financed by the EBRD and ADB through loans amounting to 1 billion USD. The project supports the construction and expansion of Shah Deniz, an offshore gas exploration project and associated pipelines in Azerbaijan. Among others, the project endangers the rights of internally displaced peoples fleeing the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, labor rights, and the right to food and water. This project is currently active and received additional financing in July 2017. Read the analysis here.

EWS alert published for Regional Infrastructure Development Fund Project in Indonesia

In collaboration with NGO Forum on ADB, an EWS alert has been published for the Regional Infrastructure Development Fund Project in Indonesia.  The project, which is co-financed by the World Bank and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, has raised concerns amongst civil society groups in Indonesia.  The project has been approved by the AIIB and the World Bank component was approved in March 2017.  You can read the short analysis here.

07.08.2017 filed under Campaign

IDB Considers Multimillion Dollar Loan to Impose Migratory Controls across Mexico-Guatemala Border

Recently, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) was poised to provide US $200 million to Guatemala to strengthen “competitiveness” and “security” by implementing fiscal and migratory controls at border crossings with Mexico. Interventions by the EWS team secured a partial win for communities concerned about project impacts. Read more about the project here.

EWS alert published for Protecting Vulnerable People Against Noncommunicable Diseases Project in Argentina

In collaboration with FUNDEPS, an EWS alert has been published for the World Bank-funded Protecting Vulnerable People Against Noncommunicable Diseases Project in Argentina.  The short analysis is available in Spanish here.


Access to Information in the Early Warning System

Avoiding environmental harms and human rights abuses requires not only awareness about a project, but also participation in decision-making processes. This inclusive development model is grounded in the rights of all people to have access to information, participation, and justice – the three pillars of environmental democracy. Read a blog post on the EWS by Center for International Environmental Law‘s Carla Garcia Zendejas.


Community conducts research on Tanahu Hydro Project, Nepal

The 550 million USD Asian Development Bank-funded Tanahu hydropower project will impact thousands. Until recently, communities had very little information about the project, its financiers or even its impacts. Read about how the EWS team and partners supported community-led research to assist residents protecting and defending their rights, homes and livelihoods.



Updated: Analysis of Disclosure Practices at the IIC

IAP has updated its interactive analysis of how the Inter-American Investment Corporation discloses project information. The analysis of 96 projects, proposed between March 2015 and April 2017, highlights serious gaps in disclosures. For a majority of projects, disclosure periods are inadequate and ESIAs are rarely publicized. If the IIC wishes to comply with best practices and standards on access to information, disclosure practices must be reformed. Read the preliminary analysis.

26.04.2017 filed under Project

EWS Alert published for ADB funded project in China

An Early Warning System alert has been published for the Guangxi Regional Cooperation and Integration Promotion Investment Program, 1.8 billion USD project funded by the ADB that aims to develop the North-South Economic Corridor under the Greater Mekong Subregion Cooperation Program. Read an analysis of human and environmental rights impacts.

17.04.2017 filed under Project

Alert published for the IFC funded Araripe III project.

Araripe III involves the construction, operation, and maintenance of a wind power complex encompassing a total of 14 wind turbine clusters located in the Brazilian states of Pernambuco and Piaui. Among others, the project could impact on the rights of health, healthy environment and property of local communities. Read an analysis of impacts (in Portuguese).

13.04.2017 filed under Project

Alert published for HCMC Flood Risk Management project in Vietnam

The World Bank funded project aims to reduce flood risk in the Tham Luong-Ben Cat canal, and is a follow-up initiative to an earlier government-financed project which displaced 1,342 households and enterprises. The project will impact 9 districts in Ho Chi Minh City and affect an additional 717 households and organizations. There is a risk of adverse impacts on the rights to a healthy environment, property and adequate housing, livelihood, and more. Read an analysis of impacts.

EWS alert published for the Dar-es-Salaam Urban Transport Improvement Project

An Early Warning System alert has been published for the World Bank-funded Dar-es-Salaam Urban Transport Improvement Project in Tanzania. The project that will be implemented in Kinondoni District in the Central Business District of Dar-es-Salaam City will improve the Bus Rapid Transit operations and management capacity in Dar es Salaam city and reduce delays at the Ubungo intersection. Read the analysis and assessment of its impacts here.

21.03.2017 filed under Project

EWS alert published for IIC-funded Interagua Project in Ecuador

An EWS alert was issued for the Interagua project funded by the Inter-American Investment Corporation in Ecuador. According to the company, its investment plan ‘aims to maintain and improve the service quality of existing networks, implement rehabilitation projects, install new potable water and wastewater connections, and improve and maintain rainwater management infrastructure . The project may impact labor rights, a healthy environment, water and others. Read the analysis in Spanish here.

EWS alert published for the Guatemala-Mexico Border Integration Program

An Early Warning System alert has been published for the Inter-American Development Bank-funded Guatemala-Mexico Border Integration Program. The program seeks to “increase integration at 8 border crossings and to strengthen Guatemala’s competitiveness and security through fiscal and migratory controls.” The project will be executed by the Guatemalan Defense Ministry and could impact indigenous rights, the environment, and freedom of movement. This project is pending Board approval. Read further analysis in Spanish here.

EWS alert published for EIB-funded Lucknow Metro Rail project in India

An Early Warning System alert has been published for the European Investment Bank-funded Lucknow Metro Rail Project in India. Extending over 33kms, in two rail corridors, this urban transport infrastructure project is expected to displace more than a 100 households and result in the felling of 1181 trees in the North-South Corridor alone. This project is currently active. Read the short analysis here.

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