Human Rights Due Diligence

Development activities can have a profound impact on the realization of human rights. In many instances the human rights implications of development activities are not obvious or immediately apparent. Standard development planning, screening, assessment and monitoring tools are not designed to fully capture human rights impacts. Because of this, opportunities to contribute to the realization of human rights through development finance, or to mitigate negative human rights impacts associated with development initiatives, are frequently missed. The Coalition is working to fill this gap by developing a toolkit for incorporating human rights within the standard social and environmental management systems utilized by development banks. Learn more here.

Risk and Opportunities Analysis Tool

A key component of the human rights due diligence toolkit is a Risk and Opportunities Analysis Tool. The ROAT is designed to be utilized by development banks and governments planning and implementing development activities. The ROAT leads the user through a process to identify and evaluate human rights-related risks and opportunities, adjust the design of an activity to address those accordingly, and develop a monitoring plan and indicators.

ROAT is based on a Registry of Standards, organized within several Issue Areas, and accompanied by a relevant set of Risk Indicator Questions. Click here to access the draft Standards and Indicator Questions for each Issue as well as the Explanatory Note. After conducting a consultation on the draft Standards and Indicator Questions, we are now programming and piloting the online interface for the ROAT. We expect to to have the interface and the full toolkit ready in early 2017.

The Human Rights Due Diligence Toolkit

Check out the Project Overview and Powerpoint Presentation and the following pieces of the toolkit here: