HuRRA Tool and Standards Explanation

The Human Rights Risk Analysis (HuRRA) tool is an online demonstration tool, to show how development finance institution technical staff and clients can effectively analyze the human rights risks related to their projects or programs in order to capture human rights impacts often missed by standard risk analysis or social impact assessment. The HuRRA online tool guides the user through a series of steps to identify relevant human rights risks against a set of human rights-informed standards and modify project design to effectively address these risks.

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The HuRRA is based on a set of 34 standards grouped into 7 issue areas, as shown in the graphic below. The standards are the key basic requirements that development activities should meet relative to respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights.

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The HuRRA Standards

You can also download the Contextual and Project Risk Indicator Questions, Data Sources, and Standards utilized in the Tool. If you have suggestions for risk indicators or data sources, email us: