Bank Information Center – Europe


Country: Netherlands, United Kingdom


BIC Europe promotes ecological and social justice by ensuring development finance protects and does not harm people and the natural resources they depend upon for their livelihoods.

We are an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation that holds International Financial Institutions to account, advocating for:
- Protection of rights
- Participation and transparency
- Public accountability in the operations of multilateral development banks

Our work in development finance:

BIC Europe was established in recognition of the important role of European governments and European civil society in the IFIs, such as the World Bank Group and the AIIB. BIC Europe produces well-researched and high quality material that informs decision-making by addressing shortcomings in the policies and practices of development finance institutions, including the respect and protection of human rights. Its particular strengths lie in its ability to build capacity and convene civil society in its engagement with decision makers.

BIC Europe has developed niche expertise and leadership in areas, such as financial intermediaries, development policy lending and AIIB, while lending support to others where its influence can help to boost or amplify others' work. It seeks to promote a rights based approach in all its work. To amplify its impact, BIC Europe works closely with peer organisations and networks, such as NGO Forum on ADB. BIC Europe is a Steering Committee member of EuroIFI, and a member of Eurodad. BIC Europe is also working with partner organisations in many countries globally, including in the Balkans, South and East Asia, the US and Europe


Geographic Focus: Global

Constituency/Partners: Civil society organizations, LGBTQI…

Sector Focus: Dams, Energy, Infrastructure, Natural resources

Financier Targets: AIIB, IFC, World Bank