Nov 22,2021 by Coalition

Nov 22,2021 by members

More than 70 CSOs raise their concerns about the review process of AfDB’s Integrated Safeguard System

On November 19, more than 70 civil society organizations from across the African continent and international supporters addressed a letter to the African Development Bank (AfDB), to raise their concerns about the review process of its Integrated Safeguard System (ISS).

Nov 09,2021 by members

Recommendations to strengthen IDB Group’s engagement with Civil Society and Project Affected Communities

On November 8, 2021, 30 civil society organizations - including many Coalition members - addressed a letter to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), expressing their concerns in regard to the process to review the second IDB Group-Civil Society Action Plan (2022-2024).

Oct 19,2021 by Coalition

Public Development Banks Fail to Meet Commitments to Human Rights & Community-led Development

By Siddharth Akali October 16, 2021 – If you had two trillion dollars, how would you spend it? Will you use it to make the world a better place? How will you know you’re making a positive impact for those who are most vulnerable? Who will you ask for advice? For the 500 public development banks (PDB

Oct 18,2021 by members

Development banks have no business financing agribusiness

On October 18, ahead of the second edition of the Finance in Common (FIC) summit, over 280 civil society organizations and grassroots groups – including many members and allies of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development – have signed a letter calling on public development banks

Sep 10,2021 by Coalition

Open letter to African Development Bank and Nordic Development Fund: Address reprisals against Paten Clan

On September 9, a group of organizations sent an open letter to the African Development Bank and the Nordic Development Fund, calling on them to take immediate actions to address reprisals against a community in Uganda impacted by the Wadelai irrigation project.

Aug 20,2021 by Coalition

A COVID-19 Loan for COVID-Denying Turkmenistan

The World Bank approved a COVID-19 loan for Turkmenistan, despite journalists reporting on the pandemic there being thrown in jail.

Jul 19,2021 by Coalition

Unhealthy Silence: Development banks’ inaction on retaliation during COVID-19

On Tuesday July 27 (1 pm UTC time) join us for a webinar where we will launch the report "Unhealthy Silence" and present its key findings.

Jun 23,2021 by Coalition

The Community Resource Exchange: spreading our branches and roots

The pandemic has confirmed to us the importance of building and nurturing connections. When development finance institutions, governments, corporations and other elites fail us, we have to come together under the leadership of indigenous peoples, front line communities, social movements an

Community Resource Exchange: call for proposals

The Community Resource Exchange (CRE) is calling for proposals for the first round of facilitated collaborations and financial assistance grants under its three year pilot. Download here the application form and watch the webinar below to find out how the CRE works. Collaboration requests for f

Apr 30,2021 by Coalition

IDB Invest and IFC’s new guidance on reprisals: a welcome step, but more is needed

In March 2020, IDB Invest and IFC’s released a new guidance which lays out 10 steps companies should take to screen, prevent and respond to reprisals. In this blog, Hannah Storey analyses the document and explains why, although this is a welcome and important step, much more is needed to truly tackle reprisals.

Apr 21,2021 by Coalition

CSOs Letter to EBRD President on Egypt

On 15 April 2021, on the 30th anniversary of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, over 25 civil society organizations addressed a letter to the Bank, urging it to put human rights issues at the top of the agenda when discussing the next Egypt country strategy and during the upcoming

Apr 19,2021 by Coalition

Safety of journalists, COVID-19, and the role of public development banks

On 16 April 2021, as part of the Defenders in Development campaign, the Coalition presented a joint submission – together with press freedom organizations Article19, Comittee to Protect Journalists and IFEX – to the UN Human Rights Council for their upcoming report on Covid-19 and j

Mar 26,2021 by Coalition

The Coalition welcomes new members: ACCA, Civicus and Namati

We have hit the 100-members milestone: in March 2021, the Coalition for human rights in development welcomed the African Centre for Corporate Accountability (ACCA), Civicus and Namati among its members.  We are proud of this milestone, and we are deeply grateful and humbled by the incredible wor

Mar 17,2021

Mar 17,2021 by members

Covid-19 response in Myanmar: civil society organizations urge IFIs not to collaborate with the junta

International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and States must work directly with civil society and other stakeholders on COVID-19: collaborating with the junta on public health would jeopardize Myanmar’s COVID-19 response, legitimize the junta, and harm public health in the long term. On 17 Ma

Mar 02,2021

Mar 02,2021 by members

Too little, too late: World Bank rents military land despite partial loans freeze, and MFI inaction risks legitimizing the junta

Myanmar’s nationwide civil disobedience movement (CDM), based on “no recognition, no participation,” is key to stopping the military from consolidating power after its 1 February 2021 coup d’état. Multilateral finance institutions (MFIs) must support the CDM, stating they will not deal with

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