Organizations Promote the Creation of a Space for Sustained Dialogue With the IDB and Recognize the President’s Willingness To Articulate With Civil Society

On February 20, organizations from Latin America and the United States, members and allies of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development that monitor the work of the Inter-American Development Bank, addressed an open letter to the President of the IDB Group Ilan Goldfajn, requesting that the B

Civil Society Organizations Make Recommendations to the Draft of the Inter-American Development Bank’s Access to Information Policy

A group of civil society organizations from Latin America and the United States, members and allies of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development, sent a letter to the Inter-American Development Bank regarding the current process of revising its Access to Information Policy (AIP). The group m

Oct 06,2022 by members

Civil Society Organizations Ask the Inter-American Development Bank to Strengthen the Revision Process of Its Access to Information Policy

A group of +25 organizations, members and allies of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development, sent a letter to the Inter-American Bank Development (IDB), to strengthen the review process of its Access to Information Policy (AIP) and present their recommendations.  The IDB began this review

Civil society groups demand more engagement on the sidelines of the AfDB Annual Meetings

Civil society organizations are calling on the African Development Bank (AfDB) to stop funding projects that exacerbate the climate crisis, damage the environment, and cause human rights violations.

Apr 05,2022 by members

Statement: CSOs speak out for transparency, participation and inclusion of traditional communities in the Leticia Pact

In 2019, the governments of seven countries (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname and Peru) signed the Leticia Pact, with the aim of facing the adverse environmental situation caused by the devastating fires registered that same year in the Amazon Basin.¹ There is a need to artic

Regional strategic conversation – Latin America

In June 2021, the Coalition held an online strategic conversation with its members and partners in Latin America, to learn more about the work in progress, reflect on challenges and achievements, and outline collective strategies. This infographic below summarizes the main results and the area

Nov 09,2021 by members

Recommendations to strengthen IDB Group’s engagement with Civil Society and Project Affected Communities

On November 8, 2021, 30 civil society organizations - including many Coalition members - addressed a letter to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), expressing their concerns in regard to the process to review the second IDB Group-Civil Society Action Plan (2022-2024).

Oct 18,2021 by members

Development banks have no business financing agribusiness

On October 18, ahead of the second edition of the Finance in Common (FIC) summit, over 280 civil society organizations and grassroots groups – including many members and allies of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development – have signed a letter calling on public development banks

Community Resource Exchange: call for proposals

The Community Resource Exchange (CRE) is calling for proposals for the first round of facilitated collaborations and financial assistance grants under its three year pilot. Download here the application form and watch the webinar below to find out how the CRE works. Collaboration requests for f

Jan 29,2020 by members

New Report: Frontline Defenders Global Analysis 2019

Coalition member Frontline Defenders released its Global Analysis 2019,  a report reviewing the state of the world for human rights defenders in 2019.  The report details the physical assaults, defamation campaigns, digital security threats, judicial harassment, and gendered attacks faced

Oct 10,2019 by members

Environmental Activists at Mercy of Business at All Costs

Environmental activists at mercy of business at all costs - new report shows how investors must take action

Aug 22,2019 by members

New Report Recommends Banks to Ensure FPIC

Oxfam released a new report highlighting the importance for development banks to act on and ensure that free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC) of communities are secured first before they provide funding for development. Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) is a recognized right of Indigen

May 27,2019 by members

Green Advocates and Liberian Indigenous Villagers File Complaint against SOCFIN

Green Advocates working with 22 Liberian indigenous villagers has filed a complaint with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman against the Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC), a Liberian subsidiary of  of Luxembourg-based agricultural giant Socfin. The c

May 22,2019 by members

IDI Releases 2nd Edition of Advocates Reference Guide on Chinese Investments

Inclusive Development International (IDI) released the second edition of Safeguarding People and the Environment in Chinese Investments: A Reference Guide for Advocates, a publication that provides a practical guide to the policies, standards and guidelines for Chinese outbound investmen

Apr 12,2019 by members

New Report on WB Coal Financing Released by IDI, BIC Europe and JATAM Indonesia

Coalition members’ Inclusive Development International (IDI) and Bank Information Center Europe (BIC Europe), with JATAM Indonesia released a new report showing how the World Bank Group is quietly bankrolling some of Indonesia’s most destructive coal mining companies despite instit

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