Jan 29,2016 by members

AIIB shows significant gaps in Human Rights, says Amnesty International

Amnesty International argues that the recently launched Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), led by China, should draw on the experience of other development banks and implement strong human rights standards. The group raises concerns that the Bank’s development of an Envir

Jan 28,2016 by members

African Civil Society Groups Call for Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Energy Development

January 28, 2016 – African civil society organizations called on African governments and public and private financiers today to find socially and environmentally sustainable solutions to Africa’s energy needs. The statement, signed by groups from 10 countries, was issued to coi

Jan 27,2016 by members

Report finds development banks fail people harmed by their projects

A new report launched today documents the hurdles communities and workers face in obtaining remedy from development banks whose projects cause them harm. The 11 civil society organizations that authored the report, Glass Half Full? The state of Accountability in Development Finance, call on de

Dec 17,2015 by members

Nigerian Groups Demand Human Rights at World Bank

December 17, 2015 – Nigerian civil society organizations met in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria as the World Bank consults with the Nigerian government regarding a large-scale revision of the Bank’s social and environmental safeguard policies. The groups called on the Bank to adopt strong req

Dec 08,2015 by members

Latin American Civil Society Presses Governments on Human Rights at World Bank

Over 180 civil society organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean call on their governments to prevent a weakening of human rights and development standards at the World Bank. The World Bank is presently holding consultations with its member State governments on a proposed revision of it

Nov 30,2015 by members

Groups Call on BRICS Bank to Engage with Civil Society

November 30, 2015: On the heels of the meeting of governors of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB), civil society organizations from BRICS countries and countries that will likely be impacted by NDB projects called on the Bank to open a transparent and participative process for the development of

Oct 12,2015 by members

New Video about World Bank

Bank Information Center releases new informational video on the World Bank safeguards review. It is under 5 minutes long and meant to foster a general understanding of the review and its significance, and motivate people to send a note to their World Bank Director asking for the strongest possible

Aug 27,2015 by members

Nepali Communities Seek Justice for Violations in World Bank Project

Kathmandu, Nepal, July 14, 2015 – Last week an independent investigation revealed serious abuses in a World Bank-funded transmission line project in central Nepal. The Khimti-Dhalkebar transmission line runs through indigenous and rural communities, who have been raising concerns about the

May 04,2015 by members

Letter from NGO Forum on ADB on AIIB Safeguard Standards

24 April 2015 MR. JIN LIQUN Secretary – General Multilateral Interim Secretariat Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Re: Letter of Introduction from NGO Forum on ADB on AIIB Safeguard Standards Dear Mr. Jin Liqun: We are writing to you on behalf of a network of 250 civil society organizati

May 04,2015 by members

NGO Forum Calls on AIIB to Have Robust Safeguard Standards

For Immediate Release May 1, 2015  With 57 nations already on board the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as prospective founders, a 250-member strong civil society network made an appeal to the newly-formed bank to adopt robust safeguards in its principles, policies and operations.

Dec 15,2014 by members

Human Rights Day Action Alert

In honor of the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Center for International Environmental Law is sending a message to World Bank President Kim, urging the Bank to respect and protect human rights in its lending. Will you join us?  Please take a minute to sig

Sep 20,2014 by members

Amnesty Statement on Inspection Panel

Statement and briefing issued by Amnesty International on Inspection Panel’s Pilot Approach to Early Solutions and its application in Badia East, Lagos, Nigeria Published on September 2nd, 2014.  World Bank: Investigate Inspection Panel’s Pilot Approach to Early Solutions and its ap

Aug 24,2014 by members

New Study Released on BNDES

Conectas today published a detailed study on the rules and standards of transparency, accountability to society and socio-environmental impact assessment mechanisms of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), the country’s leading development financing institution. The report reveal

Aug 19,2014 by members

Report on Forced Evictions in Lagos

Amnesty International released a report today on forced evictions in the Badia East community of Lagos, Nigeria. In February 2013, the Lagos state government, with the support of heavily armed police, demolished at least 266 structures that served as homes and businesses. The demolitions w

Aug 14,2014 by members

Bad Example

A statement from Bank on Human Rights Coalition member, Conectas Direitos Humanos.  New World Bank Framework Rolls Back Human Rights Protections The World Bank is poised to ease its requirements and roll back the protection for populations affected by large projects and public policies. The ch

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