May 13, 2020 by Coalition

Article: Impacts of COVID19 on Frontline Communities Resisting Internationally Financed Development Projects


The Coalition uncovered several trends on how COVID-19 measures are impacting frontline communities opposing internationally financed development projects. Using data provided by its community engagement partners and allies, the Coalition found common trends among communities from Asia, Africa and Latin America where COVID19 lockdown or quarantine measures have been imposed by governments to contain the spread of the corona virus.  Some of the trends observed were: hunger and loss of livelihoods remain primary concerns for communities; COVID19 is exacerbating already precarious health situations; projects financed by development finance institutions (DFIs) are continuing without meaningful community participation; COVID19 measures are being used to curtail freedoms; and, working online is limiting and unsecured.

The Coalition noted that communities and local organizations are still trying ways to engage governments and DFIs despite the limited circumstances. The information the communities shared also showed how civil society organizations (CSOs) and local community organizations have taken on the challenge of supporting the communities they have been working in or with to respond to the most immediate needs of these frontline communities.

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