Nov 10, 2016

Assam workers demand action from World Bank and Tata


An investigation on Tata’s tea plantations in Assam, India vindicates the claims of Indian NGOs documenting the failure of the World Bank and Tata to uphold the fundamental rights of workers and their families. The Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) which holds the World Bank’s private sector arm, the IFC – International Finance Corporation accountable, found in its investigation that the Amalgamated Plantations Private Limited(APPL) fell short on several parameters related to the welfare of plantation workers such as low wages, poor living and working conditions, use of child labor, health concerns, freedom of association and handling of grievances. APPL is the second largest tea producer in Assam with over 155,000 people living and working on the tea plantations. Rather than addressing the root causes of workers’ poverty as indicated in the report, the World Bank issued an action plan that merely prioritizes addressing health concerns and housing improvements. Read more here