Oct 23, 2017 by members

Guide to the AfDB’s accountability mechanism


The Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) was established by the African Development Bank (AfDB) in 2004 to address complaints made by any group of two or more people who have been harmed, or who are likely to be harmed, by a project funded by the AfDB Group.

The IRM was designed to make sure that the AfDB follows its own policies and procedures during the design and implementation of its projects. Complaints may relate to the social and environmental impacts of projects in sectors ranging from transportation, hydropower, agriculture or infrastructure.

This brochure made by SOMO and Accountability Counsel covers IRM policy, as revised in 2015. The brochure provides a brief overview of the work of the AfDB’s Independent Review Mechanism and how to file a complaint. Civil society organisations, workers, communities and groups of individuals who are harmed by an AfDB-supported project can use the IRM process to address their grievance. This brochure briefly explains how.