May 22, 2019 by members

IDI Releases 2nd Edition of Advocates Reference Guide on Chinese Investments


Inclusive Development International (IDI) released the second edition of Safeguarding People and the Environment in Chinese Investments: A Reference Guide for Advocates, a publication that provides a practical guide to the policies, standards and guidelines for Chinese outbound investment.

The updated guide builds on the 2017 edition, adding new details on the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s new vision for enhancing global connectivity, along with updates to administrative guidance from China’s central state agencies on outbound investment.  It also covers new guidelines on rubber, agriculture, infrastructure projects and more. The guide explains the key actors involved in Chinese overseas investment and describes the environmental and social standards and guidelines that apply. It provides practical tips on how these standards can be used in advocacy with relevant Chinese actors and institutions.

“Understanding the financial institutions, companies and state actors responsible for the oversight of China’s outbound investment is imperative if people on the receiving end of these investments are to hold these actors to their word, and have a say in the projects that affect them and the resources they depend upon,” said Mark Grimsditch.  “Inclusive Development International hopes that this resource will assist community advocates to put these standards to the test and ensure that the rights of people affected by Chinese investments are respected and protected.”