May 31, 2018 by Coalition

Report: Environmental and social safeguards in Brasil and ways forward for BRICS NBD

As the BRICS holds its annual meeting in Shanghai, Coalition Member Conectas Human Rights published an assessment of the growing trend within NDB and other development banks of relying on domestic laws and regulatory systems in lieu of institutional safeguard policies.
The report features:
  • A brief history of the building of a “consensus” around the use of country systems;
  • A comparative analysis of the experience of seven multilateral and national development institutions with country systems in environmental and social safeguards;
  • An assessment of the performance of the Brazilian social and environmental system through five case studies of infrastructure projects (energy and transportation/logistics);
  • Recommendations tailored to the New Development Bank (NDB), and how it could innovate in the use and strengthening of country systems.
Read more in English here.