Sep 02, 2018

UN Report on Criminalization of IPs


UN Special Rapporteur Victoria Tauli Corpuz  just released a hard-hitting report on “the drastic increase in attacks and acts of violence against, criminalization of and threats aimed at indigenous peoples, particularly those arising in the context of large-scale projects involving extractive industries, agribusiness, infrastructure, hydroelectric dams and logging”

The report finds that “large-scale development projects are major drivers fuelling the escalation of attacks and the criminalization of indigenous peoples. The frequent undertaking of such projects without genuine consultation or measures to seek the free, prior and informed consent of the indigenous peoples concerned must cease. Indigenous peoples are not against development, but they reject “development” models which have been imposed on them without their participation and undermine their rights to self-determination and their right to set their own priorities for the development of their lands, territories and resources.”

“The Special Rapporteur recommends that international financial institutions and donors, as well as State agencies that provide international assistance, should adopt and implement environmental and social safeguards that are consistent with human rights obligations, including by:
(a) Requiring human rights impact assessments of all projects;
(b) Including specific protections for indigenous peoples;
(c) Requiring the effective participation of affected indigenous communities;
(d) Providing for effective procedures to pursue remedies.”

Find the detailed ‘UNSR report on Criminalization of IPs’ here.