Jul 30, 2014

World Bank rolling back safeguards


The following is an excerpt from an article published in the Hindu on July 30th, 2014.

World Bank rolling back safeguards: Leaked report
By Narayan Lakshman

The World Bank may be on the verge of rolling back a wide range of in-built environmental and community protections surrounding its development projects worldwide, and this could in turn threaten community livelihoods across the board, according to analyses of a leaked draft safeguard framework distributed this month to the Bank’s Committee on Development Effectiveness.

Commenting on the proposals contained within the leaked report, Bank on Human Rights, a coalition for human rights in development finance, said that although there were several areas where the language was improved, “The fact that the proposed framework itself moves from one based on compliance with set processes and standards, to one of vague and open-ended guidance, threatens to render… technical improvements meaningless.”

The impact on India could be substantial, especially as World Bank President Jim Yong Kim….

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