Development finance and Covid-19

Finance in Common Summit

On November 9-12, for the first time ever, all public development banks in the world will gather at the Finance in Common Summit, to discuss their post-Covid19 recovery plans and the future of 'sustainable development'.

Unfortunately, though, in the Summit agenda there’s no space for human rights. Those most impacted by the investments of development banks - local communities, Indigenous Peoples and human rights defenders - will not have the opportunity to raise their concerns at the Summit, despite the growing evidence of human rights abuses linked to development banks investments.


Join us and call on the banks attending the Finance in Common Summit to stop funding projects that harm people and the planet!

Global development summit needs human rights focus

Around 250 organizations around the world are calling for the principles of a human rights-based and community-led development to be prioritized in the agenda and in the outcomes of the Finance in Common Summit.

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Around the world, activists who oppose development projects are being threatened, attacked and killed. The ancestral lands of Indigenous Peoples are being pillaged. Rural communities are being forcibly evicted.  Yet, development banks keep turning a eye blind to these abuses.

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Community voices

In this series of blogs, we speak with human rights defenders, civil society activists and representatives of local communities on how development projects are affecting their life, their livelihoods, and their territory.

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Covid-19, press freedom and the role of development banks

No space for dissent

In this op-ed, we analyze how development banks are failing to take actions to protect press freedom and we suggest some actions they should take to protect journalists, increasingly under attack during COVID-19.

Read here the Devex op-ed.


In this briefing, you can find an overview of the press freedom situation and the banks Covid-19 response in Cambodia, Egypt, Mexico, Mongolia, Pakistan, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

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Covid-19 and development finance

Development finance for Covid-19 crisis should uphold human rights

Development finance institutions should ensure that the funding and support they provide for the Covid-19 response, and during the economic recovery period, upholds human rights and leads to economic justice for those who are most vulnerable.

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The Pandemic’s Hidden Casualty: Human Rights

Across Southeast and South Asia, indigenous peoples and local communities – who were already severely impacted by development projects such as dams, agribusiness, or mining activities – are now facing additional challenges due to the COVID-19 emergency.

Read more in our article for The Diplomat.

Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Frontline Communities

How are COVID-19 measures and lockdowns impacting frontline communities opposing internationally financed development projects?

Read more in this blog for the Heinrich Böll Foundation - Southeast Asia.