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Community Action Guide to the Asian Development Bank (2013)

International Accountability Project – Designed with and for community organizers, this 200-page guide is filled with training exercises to help mobilize communities, engage with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and use ADB Safeguards Policies to protect human rights. While filled with case studies from throughout Asia-Pacific, community organizers anywhere can use and adapt the lessons and exercises.





Community Guide to the ADB Involuntary Resettlement Safeguards (2011)

Bridges Across Borders Cambodia and Inclusive Development International – This guide seeks to make the ADB’s Involuntary Resettlement Safeguard Policy understandable and accessible to affected communities, so that people can monitor the projects that affect them.

The Guide explains local grievance processes, the ADB Accountability Mechanism and other forms of advocacy that local communities can use to defend their rights and hold the ADB accountable if the policy is violated.  An accompanying Facilitators’ Edition includes interactive activities and instructions for facilitators to run training sessions on each topic.

English - Participants' Manual

English - Facilitators' Manual

Khmer - Participants' Manual

Khmer - Facilitators' Manual

The Accountability Resource Guide (2015)

Accountability Counsel – This guide offers tools for redressing human rights and environmental violations by international financial institutions, export promotion agencies and private corporate actors. The guide is intended to assist community leaders, lawyers, NGOs, and individuals in determining what rights they have and how to file a complaint when those rights have been, or may be, violated. The guide also discusses information disclosure rules at the international financial institutions.


Unpacking the Asian Development Bank (2008)

Bank Information Centre – This guide is designed to help gain an understanding of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), its projects and policies, and provide activists with important information regarding the ADB’s policies and opportunities for lobbying and advocacy.

Please note this guide was published in 2008, so some sections might be out of date.