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African Dams, Rivers and Rights: A Guide for Communities to be Impacted by the Inga Dam 3 (2012)

International Rivers –  This guide is for communities who risk being displaced, whether physically (losing access to land or home) or economically (losing assets or access to resources for income and livelihood) by the construction and operation of the Inga 3 dam project,in the DRC.


How to Deal with Projects that Involve Forced Evictions and Displacement (2010)

UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing – This guide summarizes international human rights standards applicable to involuntary displacement caused by so-called “development projects” before, during and after evictions, and instructions on how to submit a complaint to the UN Special Rapporteur if your rights are being violated


Community Guide to the ADB Involuntary Resettlement Safeguards (2011)

Bridges Across Borders Cambodia and Inclusive Development International – This guide seeks to make the ADB’s Involuntary Resettlement Safeguard Policy understandable and accessible to affected communities, so that people can monitor the projects that affect them.

The Guide explains local grievance processes, the ADB Accountability Mechanism and other forms of advocacy that local communities can use to defend their rights and hold the ADB accountable if the policy is violated.  An accompanying Facilitators’ Edition includes interactive activities and instructions for facilitators to run training sessions on each topic.

English - Participants' Manual

English - Facilitators' Manual

Khmer - Participants' Manual

Khmer - Facilitators' Manual

Avoiding Forced Displacement: A Community Guide to Negotiation and Advocacy (2017)

Inclusive Development International, Equitable Cambodia – Developed for the Southeast Asian context,  this four-day training curriculum helps communities think strategically about how to negotiate with private companies and government authorities seeking to take their land.

English - Participants Manual

English - Facilitators Manual

Khmer - Participants Manual

Khmer - Facilitators Manual

Dams, Rivers and Rights: An Action Guide for Communities Affected by Dams (2007)

International Rivers –  Dams, Rivers and Rights is the perfect tool for anyone threatened by dam construction. It tells the stories of people affected by dams and outlines success stories of people who fight for their rights and their rivers. The guide shares lessons and ideas from the growing international movement against destructive dams. It tells stories of people all over the world who say no to dams and who demand “Don’t DAMage our lives.”



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Witness – Video Advocacy Toolkit

WitnessVisit the WITNESS Library to download free resources for video activists, trainers and their allies. Includes video and PDF downloads of core WITNESS training materials and how-to guides, on topics such as: video production, video advocacy, storytelling for change, video distribution, safety and security, digital security, filming protests and forced evictions.

Visit also Witness’website in ArabicFrenchPortuguese and Spanish for translated materials.


Housing and Land Rights Monitoring Toolkit (2015)

Habitat International Coalition – This toolkit covering the following topics:  legal security of tenure; freedom from dispossession; public goods & services; environmental goods & services (natural resources, land & water); affordability, finance; habitability; accessibility (physical); location; cultural appropriateness; information, education, capacity and capacity building; participation and self-expression; movement resettlement, nonrefoulement, return & restitution; security (physical) and privacy.