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A human rights defender toolkit for promoting business respect for human rights (2015)

International Service for Human Rights – This handbook aims to provide human rights defenders (HRDs) with an overview of the existing legal and policy framework and emerging global norms adopted by both governments and businesses to protect human rights in the context of business operations. It also seeks to give defenders tools for strategic engagement with stakeholders, at each stage of project development and in a range of sectors.


Security in a Box

Front Line Defenders and Tactical Tech – The Tactics Guides in this toolkit cover basic principles such as how to create strong passphrases and avoid malware. The Tool Guides offer step-by-step instructions to help you install, configure and use essential digital-security software and services. Other digital security guides can be found here.

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Project Heard

​​Project Heard – The Hub for Environmental Activists and Rights Defenders (HEARD) is a resource-mobilization platform supporting threatened land and environmental rights defenders (collective or individual) facing intimidation, harassment and violence from extractive industry development.

Project Heard promotes existing solutions-oriented resources such as research, guides, technology and tools from NGOs, CSOs, think tanks, communities and technologists – ranging from collective protection methods and grievance mechanisms to community-led research and monitoring.


Workbook on Security: Practical Steps for Human Rights Defenders at Risk (2011)

Front Line Defenders – The Workbook takes you through the steps to producing a security plan – for yourself and for your organisation (for those HRDs who are working in organisations). It follows a systematic approach for assessing your security situation and developing risk and vulnerability reduction strategies and tactics.

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Training for Change

Training for Change – In this page, you can find tools on: 3rd party non-violent intervention; de-escalation and peacekeeping; direct action; diversity and anti-oppression; meeting facilitation; online training tools; organizing and strategy; team building.


Protection Manuals for Human Rights Defenders

Protection International – The new “Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders” can be used to support training on security and protection and to help defenders undertake their own risk assessments and define security rules and procedures which suit their particular situation.

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