Green Development Advocates


Green Development Advocates (GDA) is a Cameroonian NGO which works with forest communities and indigenous peoples to support sustainable development activities and protect African tropical forests.

GDA advocates for the inclusion of local community and indigenous peoples’ rights in different aspects of development processes, by building capacity of local and national civil society organisations, providing legal support, promoting alternative methods of forest management and supporting the use of community forestry to secure land for communities, alleviate poverty and protect forests from larger-scale destructive developments.

Country: Cameroon


GDA's mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of African tropical forests with respect for the cultures, rights, interests and needs of African peoples, paying particular attention to the rights of Indigenous Peoples and forest communities.

Our work in development finance:

Among other things, GDA has supported the communities affected by the Nachtigal hydroelectric dam on the Sanaga River in the Center region of Cameroon. They have organized trainings on DFI safeguard policies, facilitated meetings and activities to ensure participation and stakeholder engagement within development processes, and assisted communities to file complaints to DFIs accountability mechanisms. For example, they have supported complaints to the IFC CAO, the World Bank Inspection Panel and the AfDB IRM.

Constituency/Partners: Indigenous peoples, Land rights, Rights defenders, Rural communities

Financier Targets: AfDB, IFC, World Bank