Development finance and Covid-19

Over 250 organizations around the world are calling for the principles of a human rights-based and community-led development to be included and prioritized both in the agenda and in the outcomes of the Finance in Common Summit, a high-level gathering of all Public Development Banks, which will take place in Paris on 9-12 November.

Community Resource Exchange

The Community Resource Exchange is a system to facilitate collaborations and co-develop strategies with and among communities defending their rights in the context of international investments and development projects.

Community Engagement

Supporting communities to defend their rights in the face of development activities and to drive their own development priorities.

Defenders in Development

Leveraging development finance to combat shrinking civil society space and threats to human rights and environmental defenders

Human Rights Due Diligence

Developing tools for assessing and addressing human rights risks within development finance.

Chinese Development Finance

Connecting civil society groups and communities in countries impacted by Chinese investments.

National Advocacy

National Advocacy

Supporting civil society to change how their governments make development decisions.


Early Warning System

The Early Warning System alerts communities to projects funded by development banks that may affect their rights and shares tools, information and contacts to support their advocacy.

Inter-American Development Bank

Strengthening the policies of the IDB Group and ensuring that its operations in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean respect and protect human rights.

Development Finance in Africa

Bringing together African civil society groups to shape development in the region


BRICS New Development Bank

Shaping the BRICS New Development Bank to be transparent and rights-respecting

World Bank

Using advocacy, campaigning, and strategic communications to strengthen World Bank safeguards.