Community Resource Exchange

The Community Resource Exchange (CRE) is a system to facilitate collaborations and co-develop strategies with and among communities defending their rights in the context of international investments and development projects.

The Community Resource Exchange works at the direction of communities and their partners, to coordinate:

  • Linkages with potential allies and collaborators
  • Exchange of information and resources
  • Sustained collaborations  
  • Cross-learning among communities leading similar struggles
  • Access to small financial assistance (under US$ 5000) through regular calls for applications

Around 400 people from grassroots groups, indigenous peoples organizations, national, regional and international organizations provided feedback through online surveys and consultations to co-create the system. In June 2021, we launched a 3-year pilot to put some of these learnings into action.

To learn more about the CRE, you can check out the following infographics:

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