Actions Pour Les Droits, l’Environnement, et La Vie


Country: Democratic Republic of Congo


To promote sustainable development founded on the protection of the environment, the responsible exploitation of natural resources, and respect for human rights and the well-being of present and future generations.

Our work in development finance:

ADEV accompanies local communities affected by activities related to the exploitation of natural resources (land, forest, water, minerals, hydrocarbons, energy) for sensitization (mobilization), training (capacity building), organization, and supervision, in order to defend their impacted rights, or rights susceptible to future impacts.


Geographic Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa

Constituency/Partners: Children, Civil society organizations, Land rights, Rural communities, Urban communities, Women

Sector Focus: Agriculture, Dams, Education, Energy, Health, Housing, Infrastructure, Mining, Natural resources, Water

Financier Targets: AfDB, World Bank

Coalition Work Group: Community Engagement