Arab Watch Coalition for just development (AWC)



AWC is a membership coalition officially launched in 2018 by 23 civil society representatives from 6 Arab countries. The founders have been working for years on issues related to social, economic and environmental rights in International Financial Institutions’ policies and portfolio in the Arab region. AWC is registered as a nonprofit organization in Morocco. The Arab Watch Regional Coalition envisons inclusive, participatory, just and sustainable development processes in the Arab region.

Mission: Empowering and activating the role of the civil society in the Arab region to influence the policies, programs and projects of international financial institutions in the region to achieve effective inclusive, participatory, equitable and sustainable development.

Goals: AWC works to achieve its mission through enabling, activating, and coordinating the role of Arab civil society to be engaged with, monitor, and influence the activities of IFIs in the region; strengthening IFIs policies that support transparency, participation, accountability and all the principles of international human rights convention.

Our work in development finance:

AWC works to achieve its goals by different means, including:
- Providing necessary technical and financial support to civil society groups in the region to enable them to monitor and influence IFIs activities in their countries.
- Developing support and solidarity mechanisms among AWC members to enable them to continue carrying on their work in their countries in the face of an increasing closing civic space.
- Developing and disseminating fact sheets, analytical reports, studies and papers on IFIs activities and policies.
- Providing training materials and organizing training workshops for civil society groups in the region on the different entry points to be engaged with, and monitor, IFIs; as well as on organizing successful advocacy campaigns to influence IFIs activities and policies.
- Creating channels of communication with IFIs and submitting alternative proposals related to their activities and policies in the region.
Facilitating the use of different international accountability mechanisms by AWC members and other civil society groups in the region.
Using all other legitimate lobbying and advocacy tools including, but not limited to, the use of media, social media, meetings with governments officials, petitions, and others.
Communicating and exchanging information with networks and similar organizations in the region and other parts of the world.
Organizing local and regional meetings, gatherings, field visits, and conferences for members with similar networks and organizations, inside and outside the Arab region, to share experiences and coordinate activities.
Facilitating vertical networking with international civil society organizations and networks that have the potential to influence decision makers in international financial institutions.


Geographic Focus: Middle East & North Africa

Constituency/Partners: Civil society organizations

Financier Targets: AfDB, AIIB, EIB, GCF, IFC, World Bank