Centre for Applied Legal Studies


Country: South Africa


CALS’s vision is a socially, economically and politically just society where repositories of power, including the state and the private sector, uphold human rights.

Our work in development finance:

CALS ensures that financial institutions abide by principles that advance human rights in the operations. CALS’s aims to ensure that IFIs provide funding only to projects that do not hamper the realisation of human rights, and to advocate for the remedying of violations where they occur.

Website: www.wits.ac.za/cals/

Geographic Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa

Constituency/Partners: Civil society organizations, Indigenous peoples, Rural communities, Women

Sector Focus: Infrastructure, Mining, Natural resources

Financier Targets: BRICS NDB, World Bank

Coalition Work Group: Advocacy with national government, BRICS New Development Bank, Community Engagement, World Bank Safeguards Review