Country: India


The mission of Environics Trust is to apply innovative solutions to address problems related to community development. Environics Trust reaches out to mountain, mining, marginalized and coastal communities. Each community responds to the diversity and complexity of specific eco-systems and social environments. Environics studies the influence of the environment on human behaviour, interpretating it in a comprehensive way as the mutual influences of environment and social behaviour, and attempts to explore this critical area through its programmes focused on communities.

Our work in development finance:

Environics has been tracking the policies and programmes of the World Bank, ADB and AIIB on different sectors and has been involved with building community movements around mining, dams and post disaster situations. Environics enable communities to litigate or, when there is a risk to communities, Environics itself litigates in various courts and tribunals. Their work on silicosis has led to the nomination of their trustee as a member of the Supreme Court’s Committee for enquiry on Silicosis in Jharkhand State.

Website: https://environicsindia.in/

Geographic Focus: Asia

Constituency/Partners: Civil society organizations, Indigenous peoples, Land rights, Rural communities, Women, Workers

Sector Focus: Corruption, Dams, Energy, Infrastructure, Mining, Natural resources, Water

Financier Targets: ADB, AIIB, GCF, World Bank