Gender Action


Country: USA


To hold International Financial Institutions (IFIs) accountable to promote and not undermine women's, men’s, girls’, boys’ and sexual minorities’ human rights in all investments including structural adjustment, climate finance, infrastructure, extractives, food security, credit, health and education, and policies ranging from safeguards to gender.

Our work in development finance:

Our main programs have focused on: Gender and Climate Change, Linking IFI-Watchers, Environment and Gender Justice Groups; Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS, Gender and Economic Reforms, Food Insecurity, Urban and Rural Development, Under- and Unpaid Care Work, and Gender in Conflict Situations.


Geographic Focus: Global

Constituency/Partners: LGBTQI…, Women

Sector Focus: Debt, Development, Environmental Rights, Health, Housing, Human Rights, Information (Right to), International Financial Institutions, Labor Rights, Poverty

Financier Targets: ADB, AIIB, BRICS NDB, EBRD, EIB, IDB/IDB Invest, IFC, World Bank

Coalition Work Group: BRICS New Development Bank, Gender