Green Advocates International


Country: Liberia


To promote community-based institutions and approaches through which individuals and groups can freely interact and effectively empower themselves to transform their economic, social and cultural structures.

Our work in development finance:

We have worked with development finance institutions to put human rights at the center of sustainable growth and development in Liberia, with issues ranging from natural resource governance to corporate accountability, and have facilitated the establishment of networks across the country and the sub-region.


Geographic Focus: Global, Sub-Saharan Africa

Constituency/Partners: Children, Civil society organizations, Indigenous peoples, Land rights, LGBTQI…, Persons with disabilities, Rural communities, Urban communities, Women, Workers

Sector Focus: Agriculture, Dams, Education, Energy, Health, Housing, Mining, Natural resources, Water

Financier Targets: AfDB, BRICS NDB, EBRD, EIB, GCF, IFC, JICA, OPIC, World Bank