Protection International – Mesoamerica


Protection International Mesoamerica is one of the regional hubs of Protection International, a non-profit organization that supports human rights defenders in developing their security and protection management strategies. Protection International has been working since 2004 with local partners in over thirty countries across the globe.

Country: Guatemala, Honduras


Our contribution to that world is to support human rights defenders (HRDs) through comprehensive protection programmes. Our programmes enable defenders to build their capacities in order to manage their protection effectively, to allow those that protect them to fulfil their obligations, and to convince other individuals and institutions with a stake in the protection of human rights defenders to maximise their positive contribution. Protection International always works in partnership with defenders.

Our work in development finance:

Protection International Mesoamerica (PI-Mesoamerica) coordinated - with partners - actions related to the impact on communities of development projects imposed without their free, prior and informed consent. They coordinate these actions within the framework of supporting human rights defenders in the construction of their security and protection strategies for the defence of territory, the fight against corruption, the exercise of freedom of expression and other related rights. An example of this type of articulation has been with the International Platform against Impunity, AIDA and the Plurinational Ancestral Government, around a complaint filed with the MICI by these three organisations, where PI-Mesoamerica has been the organisation accompanying on the ground the communities affected by a hydroelectric dam financed by IDB Invest and KFW, among others. PI Mesoamerica has also been part of the Qualified Observation Mission of the Berta Cáceres Case in Honduras, a case that involved the FMO.


Geographic Focus: Caribbean & Latin America

Constituency/Partners: Indigenous peoples, LGBTQI…, Rural communities, Women

Sector Focus: Corruption, Dams, Land Rights & Natural Resources, Mining, Natural resources, Water

Financier Targets: EIB, FMO/DEG, IDB/IDB Invest, IFC, World Bank

Coalition Work Group: Community Engagement, Human Rights Defenders Campaign