SUSTENTARSE (Organizacion No Gubernamental de Desarrollo Sustentarse) 


Country: Chile


Sustentarse promotes sustainable development, environment protection and respect for human rights; defend the rights of vulnerable people, groups and communities; and strengthen socio-environmental governance at the local level.

Our work in development finance:

Sustentarse works with and helps build capacities of communities through research/analysis, trainings/consultations, and policy advocacy. It engages development banks like InterAmerican Development Bank and the IDB-Invest, including their complaint mechanisms, to ensure acceptable standards for development financing that respects human rights and assures socio-environmental sustainability.

Website: Website:

Geographic Focus: Caribbean & Latin America

Constituency/Partners: Civil society organizations, Indigenous peoples, Land rights, Rural communities, Urban communities

Sector Focus: Dams, Energy, Infrastructure, Mining, Natural resources, Water

Financier Targets: IDB/IDB Invest, IFC, World Bank