Twerwaneho Listeners Club


Twerwaneho listeners club (TLC, which means “lets struggle for ourselves”) is a local civic club, bringing together human rights activists together. In 2006, a group of local human rights activists started a radio talk show called “Twerwaneho”, aimed at encouraging people to debate issues of governance and rights. The program inspired many people, who started engaging in informal debates and raising questions on issues of democracy and governance in the Rwenzori region, Uganda. Today, TLC focuses on safety and security of the grass root human rights defenders (Physical and digital security), catalyzing the formation of grass root activists, and enhancing capacity of existing and new ones.

Country: Uganda


Geographic Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa

Constituency/Partners: Indigenous peoples, Land rights, Rights defenders, Rural communities

Sector Focus: Corporate Accountability, Environmental Rights, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples' Rights, International Financial Institutions, Land Rights & Natural Resources, Natural resources, Right to access to justice, Transparency/ Participation

Financier Targets: AfDB, World Bank

Coalition Work Group: Community Engagement, Human Rights Defenders Campaign