Mar 20, 2020 by Coalition

Coalition Members and Partners Engage AIIB ESF Review


The Coalition for Human Right in Development members and partners submitted a position paper to the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB) Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) Review team in line with the on-going review.  The AIIB requested submissions from civil society organizations, stakeholders and other interested entities for the Phase 1 ESF Review.

The Coalition have been engaging with the AIIB together with several members. The engagement is focused on advancing the policy recommendations from Uncalculated Risks: Threats and Attacks against Human Rights Defenders and the Role of Development Financiers. Uncalculated Risks was the global study conducted by the Coalition and members of the Defenders in Development Campaign. It provides measures and policy recommendations that will help avert, mitigate and prevent threats and reprisals against human rights defenders.