Oct 14, 2022 by Coalition

#RightsInCommon: Finance in Common Shadow Summit


On October 19-20, the leaders of the world’s public development banks gathered for the “Finance in Common” Summit. Under the theme “Green and just transition for a sustainable recovery”, they discussed key issues that affect the lives of millions of people and decided how to invest billions of dollars.

But once again, they took these decisions without listening to those most affected by their projects, the real experts:  local communities, human rights defenders, Indigenous Peoples, feminist groups, civil society. They spoke about “sustainability” while ignoring the protests against austerity policies and rising debt. They spoke about “human rights” without listening to those denouncing human rights violations. They spoke about “just transition” without giving space to those advocating for truly sustainable community-led alternatives, and while continuing to support projects that contribute to climate change.

This is why a group of activists and civil society groups from around the world came together for the #RightsInCommon Shadow Summit, an online campaign to share the messages of all those people who should be in the driving seat when it comes to development.